Jam Self

is Rodrigo José Guimarães Ferreira

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Born in São Luís, a small Brazilian island where culture overflows, he had vast terrain to explore and lay the groundwork for his inspiration.

Self-taught, he always played with other bands, but he never had a group to play his songs exclusively. However, learning to play a few instruments gave him a chance to showcase his restrained artistry.

The expansive character of his work travels into unpredictable rhythms and melodies, allowing it to be free from stylistic classifications because each composition is a different path to follow.

Recorded 20 years ago, in total improvisation; with cassette tapes, double tape-deck (with karaoke function) and a common microphone, which served as a guide and metronome was the basis of the guitar.

With the theme recorded on an A-Tape, was just put it to listen while playing the bass; recording the two instruments mixed on a B-Tape. On a C-Tape is recorded what you hear from B-Tape while playing a guitar solo, for example. Then the drums and so on. No time for corrections.

This crude method of recording produces what would be heard in a jam session played live and this is what inspired the creation of the alias Jam Self.

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So honored to have these guys in my path, who turned possible to build and record this musical project:

Tharson David Lopes and Alessandro Póvoa
(drums and sound system conceded)

Ricardo Luis e Ricardo Naves
(strings and sound systems conceded)

Gregory Mark Carvalho
(playing base guitar in "Choro de Bebê")

Alessandro Póvoa
(playing drums in "Choro de Bebê" and bongo in "Despertar")

Diogo Nunes
(base guitar inspiration for "Introspecto")

, that's my virtual cap, my friend. If you had some mind adventure through your audition, i would be very greatful if you consider to make a simbolic contribution.

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